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Bookmatched marble bathroom stone
Custom lacquered chest
Bespoke antique mirror wall
Mother of pearl bathroom unit
Mother of pearl
Bespoke credenza sideboard brass
Lacquer bedside brass handle
Bookmatched marble bathroom cabinet


Here at The Orangery we pride ourselves on providing our clients with bespoke furnishings of exceptional quality. 


Bespoke furnishings are one-off designs which are perfect for those clients seeking to finish off their interior with something undeniably unique. However, bespoke furnishings also solve spatial issues and can be designed to fit in an awkward space or to complement the large scale of a room. Our Interior Design Director has significant experience in designing bespoke furnishings and if this sounds like something you would be interested in, he would love to help you design custom-made furniture which exceeds your individual expectations. 


The Orangery team sources products from all over the world in order to ensure each individual element of their bespoke furniture is of the highest possible quality. Previously we have created wardrobes, credenzas (sideboards), bathroom furniture, oversized sofas, console tables, beds and more. Throughout the process, we will prepare intricate drawings for you to view and amend as needed, to ensure you feel in control of your design. 


In the images above you will see a bathroom recently completed for one of our new-build projects. The cabinet itself is was made in Portugal, the marble worktop was sourced from Spain and the beautiful pearlised tiles were imported from the USA. These tiles are in fact a living organism and went through rigorous checking at Customs to ensure they were from a renewable source and ethically obtained. Once the various parts were sourced and delivered to the UK, they were put together by our meticulous Cabinetmaker based here in Kent under our close supervision. 


We also consider practical aspects such as the weight of the item, delivery, whether wall reinforcement is required, and so on. Our understanding of interiors will ensure that both the creative and practical elements are considered.  

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