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Bespoke Furniture Just For You

If you are looking to create a new look for your home or something special for that awkward space, then you should consider having a bespoke piece of furniture created for your home.

Many of our clients come to us after looking for years for a piece of furniture for a particular space. Either they simply cannot find what they are looking for or nothing quite meets their expectations. Here’s where The Orangery Interior Design can really deliver. We can create customised furniture for your home that will match your unique needs. Many of our clients struggle to find furniture that compliments the scale of their home. This is where the experience of someone like Grant Wiggins, our Interior Design Director, is second to none. He has the technical know-how to draw up possible solutions that will enhance your home. If you are going to the trouble of having customised furniture, it should be unique and exceptional.

We simply love developing ideas for our clients that are unique to them and will invite compliments from your guests. How lovely to be able to say that you created a unique piece of furniture for your home that reflects your own personal style but also solved a design problem!

We recently completed a bathroom for one of our new-build projects as shown in the images above. We sourced products from all over the world to bring this project to fruition. The cabinet itself is was made in Portugal, the marble worktop was sourced from Spain and the beautiful pearlised tiles were imported from the USA. These tiles are in fact a living organism and went through rigorous checking at Customs to ensure they were from a renewable source and ethically obtained. We only use the best suppliers.

Once the various parts were sourced and delivered to the UK, they were put together by our meticulous Cabinetmaker based here in Kent under our close supervision. Before we get this far, we will also consider the practical aspects. How heavy is the item? How will it be delivered or hung? Will the wall need to be reinforced to allow this piece of furniture to be suspended? Our understanding of interiors will ensure that both the creative and practical elements are considered.

Throughout the process, we will ensure you know what you will receive by preparing beautiful drawings for you to view and amend as needed. Some of our clients have even framed the drawings they have enjoyed the process so much.

And what kinds of furniture have we created? Wardrobes, Credenzas (sideboards), Bathroom furniture, oversized sofas, console tables, beds and more. Come to us with your design problem and we can find a solution right for you. Creating bespoke furniture for our clients never gets boring. We respond to every client’s individual needs and always think creatively for each client. No two pieces are ever the same. After all, if you are creating a bespoke piece of furniture, it should be truly unique – just for you.

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